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Call recording is what this site is about.. So if you are looking for information about call recording, you have come to the right place. Find more one Avaya Call Recording HERE.

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Do you have a call center you would like to record?

Call center call recording is very popular. It can increase your accountability and mitigate risk. It can also increase and help track the quality of the calls your center is taking. MORE

What about just recording your personal calls?

Recording your personal calls can be easy if you have a traditional analog phone line. However, more and more people are strictly using their cell phones for personal calls. Today recording your cellular calls is not possible. Maybe some day Verizon, AT&T and the others may offer this as a service. MORE

Reasons for recording phone calls

People want to record their calls for a host of different reasons. Legal purposes is a top reason for call recording. Customers want to have a record of the phone conversation to use in court. Typically the type of call recording used in this instance would be total recording, where every phone call is recorded. Now some companies want to record their calls for quality assurance purposes. That is they randomly sample the calls to verify their call center agents are providing quality answers and server. We would call this random recording, or random sampling for quality purposes.

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A new website was just launched that makes shopping for call recording systems online easier than ever. It is w4 Call Recording. They offer installation services and even promise a subscription based model.


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