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Quality Monitoring software allows you to take your call center quality to the next level. It can automate your scoring and evaluation processes and allow you to focus your training on exactly what each agent needs training on. By continually training on each agents weakest areas you'll be consistently raising the overall quality bar of your call center.

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Do you have agents you'd like to score for quality?

Maybe you are not scoring and evaluating your agents today? You don't need a call recording system to evaluate your agents as you can always live monitor them. If you do have a call recording system, however, you can play the actual scored calls to the agent. This helps them better evaluate themselves and improve themselves and helps with any evalution disputes.

Agent Evaluation Forms?

Do you have an agent evaluation form in place today? Most quality monitoring systems allow you to customize their scoring application to be able to utilize your same criteria.

Some additional quality monitoring information can be found here.


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