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Types of Call Recording

Call Recording:
Different Types of Call Recording

Station Side Call Recording

Station Side recording involves the use of "camping on" or recording the calls on each individual station or headset. Most digital phone systems today, have interfaces for station side call recording. Here is a current list of the phone systems that can be recorded today. You can also record your traditional analog phones this way.

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Trunk Side Call Recording

Trunk side call recording involves recording the phone calls by connecting to them on the phone company or trunk side of the conversation. This involves a more sophisticated recording system and is explained in more detail here: Trunk Side Call Recording

Random Call Recording

There are many ways and reasons to record calls in a random or record-on-demand fashion. Both of the call recording methods, from a technology perspective, are treated the same. A connection into the PBX provides the call recording system the ability to service-observe the call and automatically record it once the service-observe has been achieved. More on Random Call Recording.

Voice Over IP Call Recording

Voice over internet protocal call recording invoices capturing the data packets that have the actual voice conversation in them and storing them on a hard drive. The packets are then placed in the correct order for call play back. More on VOIP Call Recording can be found here.



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